Thursday, July 17, 2008

Rambling and tardigrade?

Pressure yields stress. These two conditions are too synonymous in people adopting the contemporary life. Ranging from students to any white collar professions, pressure do poke and diffuse in any nook of living. Due to the extreme pressure, even primary school students who are deemed yet to be mature committed suicide as they could not handle and cope with the pressure arisen by many factors, be it surrounding perceptions even to internal conflict that nag them all the time. I myself encounter this in daily life. Either me as the subject or it is people around me, that push on the pressure cooker button.

This rampant, contagious disease is not to be taken lightly. Simple yet daunting, if you yourself is in stress, without taking extra precautions, the disease will spread to other people within your radius. Metaphorically, like an epidemic outbreak, this disease could render unexpected repercussions that I myself not dare to think of. Na’uzubillah…

Perceptions and perspectives, although sound very different to pressure and stress however are highly related to each other. All niche of areas in the world has connect itself using the perceptions and perspectives towards these destructive states of pressure and stress.

Perceptions are designed and created to favor the systems or newest trend of life that need to be followed and keep updated with. Slipping splits of seconds from this trend will make us to be labeled out of trend and not part of the so called modernized people. With so many names and epithet associated, categorizing people has become a normal part of life. I recalled reading script of rambling and ranting of my “friend”. He described me as “budak usrah” and “budak baik”. I am really grateful with his statement as I take it more as a du’a for me that may Allah does grant me with the wishes til my last breathe. However, the descriptions and the way he depict the usrah that made me sad. I wish I have the way to explain to him and make him understand the sweetness of being in these shoes. I pray to Allah to give him hidayah and pour him with blessings. Amin..

Perspective in a similar way is being tuned into the mindset of these poor people. I do sometimes confused that some of these people seemed and did show understanding on the benefits of being good and benefits of embracing all these good deeds. Is it due to the perspective masterminded by our enemy that is so powerful and so lethal? Are we outnumbered or are we just specs of dusts in their eyes? Like bubbles and bubbles on the surface of the tides? I could not paint a single picture to urattle intertwined nerves in my confused mind, yet I know there is a single answer to this question. Back to Allah and embrace Islam in full package.

Talking about nature which is my favorite theme, I recall last time on this creature called tardigrade. Sounds, like a Jurassic kind of animal yet this animal is very cute in appearance and look like a minature of a very cute bear. The most appealing feature of this organism is it is very resistant. Any harsh condition could be tolerated. Extreme has never been stored in its memory. Volcanic temperature is temperament to this tiny creature. Even icy pole area is its inhabitant.

This creature lends its survival to its simplicity and resilient. It might not be as ubiquitous as the bacteria yet it is nearly everywhere. I could not help myself to imagine that if the all dhuat are blessed with all these features. Dakwah shoud never be easier. Resilient, simple and everywhere, it is the perfect combinations garnered.

Back to Earth state of mind, we have to realize that as human, Allah has created us as His best creation, yet we will steep the lowest if we don’t use the blessings and nikmat granted for good deeds. We have imperfections and we do have to improve ourselves from time to time. Feelings do make us unique yet without proper and unjustified balance between feeling, sense and mind, we will wander around and lost our goal.

Reminisce from the past seems so sweet. The friends that are not just a pair of helping hands but people who had endured through the similar challenges and same attributes, people who had shared everything and gave it everything for this ultimate sake. I see people come and go. One people might run away, yet thousands will enjoin our journey. Deep down inside, I pray for the moment, awaiting for their returns.

Sad it may appear, I had ploughed through this journey, not just through plain road. Myriad roads had been set upon me. Name it, dusty, thorny, slippery, there are so many conditions that every time I reminisce, I do hope that I will never stray away from this path. And I pray that all of us will stay thabat in this path.. Amin…

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Pray for me too bro..
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